Trending in Social Media: Knockout game sparks outrage

Trending in Social Media: Knockout game sparks outrage

The internet is buzzing with outrage over a new trend called “Knockout” where teens target random people and try to lay them out with one punch. You tell us…What do you think motivates kids to do this and what you do if it happened to you?

Read more about this frightening trend, here.

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  1. Well, this is a sick thing. Hoping the media is blowing it out of proportion and that it’s not a new trend.

  2. This is no game and so appalling to read about. Serious injuries and at least one death have resulted. I hope those responsible are severely punished so a loud and clear message is sent to anyone thinking about such a hideous attack.

  3. This is so ridiculous! I don’t get where kids get these ideas and why they think it’s ok!?!

  4. These punks need to be knocked out!

  5. What has this society become. I just don’t understand it. It was very sickening to see the video on this.

  6. Ridiculous. There need to be severe punishments put in place for this sort of thing. Also, not sure if the media is doing more harm than good by putting such a spotlight on this. Plenty of knuckleheads out there just waiting for the next “big idea” to play with.

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