Keep your kids out of the ER with these safety tips

Keep your kids out of the ER with these safety tips

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  1. I don’t know how today’s adults made it to adulthood without rubber playgrounds and constant adult hovering.

    Actually, what I really don’t know is what the bubble-wrapped generation is going to do when they get to adulthood and find that life isn’t rubberized.

    The best advise for keeping your kid safe is, from day one, do not help them. If there’s something they can’t do on their own, they’re not ready for it and shouldn’t be doing it. Left to their own devices, kids are remarkably good risk asessors (we are sort of designed for survival, y’know). It’s when parents hover and either stop their kids from doing something they’re ready for or “help” them do something they’re not that kids override their own risk assessments and get into trouble.

    • I totally agree with you Dienne, I give my children the chance to learn from 1. life around them and 2. their mistakes. As long as it wont hurt them or is life threatening I allow them to explore. I was a learn on my own type of girl

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