Tips to limit the candy craze

Tips to limit the candy craze

With Halloween approaching quickly, many parents are beginning to dread the days following this kid-favorite holiday. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your kids’ begging for more candy, this year you can be prepared to handle the Halloween candy craze before it happens.

Here are a few healthier alternatives that could make you and your children happy:

Many parents don’t want to deal with the tears after telling their kids to slow down the candy consumption on Halloween night.

Whether you decide to let your kids indulge in a candy free-for-all or not, you may decide to ration their remaining candy. In this case, children are allowed to choose about 10 pieces of their favorites to keep. For the next 10 days, the kids are allowed to eat their piece of candy at the same times they would normally be allowed a treat (i.e. after dinner). After that, the Halloween candy disappears. By this time, the kids have most likely forgotten about it.

Healthy or non-candy alternatives
Talk to your neighbors and see if  they plan to distribute healthy or non-candy alternatives. According to the Family Education website, ideas could include pencils, popcorn bags, apples, stickers or other small gifts that aren’t accompanied by a sugar high.

Angela Malinowski, clinical dietitian at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center in Normal, Ill., adds, “Healthy or non-candy alternatives are great for school parties.  Also, some of these items, such as pencils and stickers, last a lot longer than candy.”

Donate it!
There are several organizations that send candy to troops overseas around Halloween, such as Operation Shoebox. Explain to your kids what good they are doing by sharing and donating with those who aren’t fortunate enough to have the luxury of an entire pillow case full of candy this time of year.

“Check with your kid’s school as they may be participating in a similar program,” says Malinowski.

The switch-witch is a relatively new concept that parents are trying around Halloween. Parents allow their kids to choose a few pieces of their favorite Halloween candy, but then they switch the rest of it for a toy. According to, the ‘switch-witch’ comes in the middle of the night to exchange bags of Halloween candy for small toys.

Save it for later
Save the remaining candy for Christmas stocking stuffers! Your kids will be excited to get more candy a few months later.

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