Your character traits may predict lifespan

Your character traits may predict lifespan

Sometimes it seems like our friends know us better than we know ourselves and it turns out this may actually be true.

Researchers analyzed data from a study beginning in the 1930s, which followed a group of twenty-somethings and their friends. They found that individuals were better at recognizing certain personality traits in their friends than they were in themselves. In addition, people with certain personality traits were found to live the longest.

For women, those who lived the longest were rated high on emotional stability and agreeableness. For men, the traits which predicted their lifespan were being more open and conscientious

“Friends may see something that you miss; they may have some insight that you do not,” said study leader Joshua Jackson, PhD, assistant professor of psychology in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis in a news release. “With self-reports, people may be biased or miss certain aspects of themselves and we are not able to counteract that because there is only one you, only one self-report.”

Men’s self-ratings of personality traits were somewhat useful in predicting their lifespans, but the self-reports of women had little predictive value.

Kevin Krippner, a licensed clinical psychologist and clinical coordinator at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center in Normal, Ill. says there are many studies have linked mental and physical health in numerous studies.

“When one of these types of health declines, usually the other one will decline as well,” said Krippner. “Conversely, improving a person’s physical health will usually lead to an improvement in their mood and emotional functioning. This is why psychologists and counselors highly recommend that their clients engage in some type of regular exercise.”

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