Want to lose weight? This may be the answer

Want to lose weight? This may be the answer

Stepping on the scale daily and tracking your progress may be the best way for dieters to successfully lose weight and keep it off, according to one study.

Researchers from Cornell University found that study participants who weighed themselves daily and charted their results lost significantly more weight than those who did not. They were also able to keep the weight off.

Obesity is a chronic, lifelong condition and must be addressed as such through lifelong changes,” says Dr. Shane Fogo, an Advocate Medical Group family medicine physician at Advocate Eureka Hospital in Eureka, Ill.  “Keeping track of your weight daily not only helps to confirm if your weight loss plan is working, but helps you monitor potential weight gain once you have reached your weight loss goal.”

Daily self-weighing and tracking “forces you to be aware of the connection between your eating and your weight,” lead study author David Levitsky said in a news release. “It used to be taught that you shouldn’t weigh yourself daily, and this is just the reverse.”

The researchers found that self-weighing and tracking are simple ways to reinforce and strengthen positive behaviors such as eating less and maintaining regular exercise.

“You just need a bathroom scale and an Excel spreadsheet, or even a piece of graph paper,” said Levitsky.

Dr. Fogo offers some other tips for successful weight loss:

  • Don’t skip meals altogether. Going a long time between meals may slow your metabolic rate and make it harder for you to lose weight.
  • Get a good, restful night of sleep. The stress from chronic fatigue will make it difficult to commit to long-term dietary changes and exercise routines.
  • Exercise. Meaningful calorie burn through exercise takes time. It takes consistent effort and dedication to regular exercise to get into shape to a point where longer, more intense activities will yield higher calorie burn.
  • Avoid high calorie beverages. People often don’t realize how many calories they are drinking daily through energy drinks, soda, sports drinks or coffee drinks such as mochas, lattes and cappuccinos. These can easily contain anywhere from 150 to 500 calories or more per drink.

“Obesity has become probably the most significant preventable health risk factor today,” says Dr. Fogo. “Studies have shown that the effects of obesity may now cause more health problems than smoking.”

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  1. Obesity is preventable if the parents take some effort to enforce proper food habit and exercise regimen to their children. As far as possible avoid eating outside and control calorie intake whenever eating outside. School should encourage students to eat healthy food and avoid giving them high calorie drinks in schools.

    Employ only people who are not obese or ask the employees to reduce their weight over a period of one year or suitable time-frame if they want to continue in service. Unless drastic steps are taken and enforce the same, the number of obese population will increase in the US and will cause more burden on hospitals.

    • Wow! You certainly do not know all the facts about weight, but you certainly seem to know plenty about discrimination. Weight is not always about calorie consumption. I have several chronic illnesses and many medications. One of those medications caused a 25 pound weight gain. My eating habits didn’t change, but my metabolism became whacked out. I am on many medications, of which at least 8 have a. primary side-effect of weight gain. I can starve, exercise compulsively, follow all the tricks, but it is unlikely I will ever see a normal weight again. So I can’t have ajob? That also rules out anyone who has to take steroids everyday.

      And there is the issue of poverty or those who are in a lower socioenomic class who don’t have access to healthier foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. A much greater quantity of food can be bought for the cost of these items. And often, the cheapest food is the least healthy.

      So when we can solve these issues like chronic illness and poverty which have 0 to do with your analysis of things, we can address obesity as if were simply a matter of eating.

      Until then, I guess you will just have to deal with being perfect — unlike the rest of us.

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