Inspiring kids: Alejandro’s story

In high school, Alejandro Claure was a competitive runner. During his sophomore year, he began noticing trouble with his knee during cross country practice. Initially, he though he needed to be more efficient with stretching, but when it was not improving, he and his family reached out for help. An MRI revealed a tumor on Alejandro’s left femur. After a knee replacement, another tumor was found in his other knee. He was diagnosed with parosteal osteosarcoma – a bone tumor.

He underwent eight months of treatment and thanks to the coordinated and team-based care he received at Advocate Children’s Hospital, his cancer is now in remission. He feels blessed by both the love of his family and his care team. In the future, he wants to be able to return the favor. He hopes to pursue a career in pediatric oncology.

Today, Alejandro is back at school enjoying his senior year of high school. Although he is unable to run cross country due to his knee prosthesis, he stays involved at school in other ways especially by helping other kids. Alejandro is very grateful to have completed treatment.

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