Check out these exercises you can do anywhere

Check out these exercises you can do anywhere

“I don’t have time to exercise.”

It’s a common excuse used when avoiding the gym. Exercise doesn’t have to be formal, though. Four health professionals share how you can squeeze in exercise anytime, anywhere.

  • “Chair squats, lunges, standing squats, straight arm extensions, lateral extensions…these are all things can be done in a fairly small amount of time in a small amount of space. Try 15-30 reps.” Chris Carr, exercise physiologist, Advocate BroMenn Medical Center
  • “For individuals who are strapped to their desk all day, I recommend a 15-minute workout comprised of 10 minutes of cardio (do things like running in place, machine gun punches, half squats, pretend jumping rope and torso twists for a minute each) and then follow with five minutes of stretching, focusing on your neck and back. This will get your muscles moving and stretched out.” Molly Smeltzer, wellness manager, Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center

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  1. For the hundred millionth time, NO, you CAN’T do stairs “anywhere”. At the risk of being obvious, you have to have *access* to stairs. People who live/work in downtown high-rise buildings do not have access to stairs except in emergencies. And, obviously, people who live/work in one-story buildings don’t have stairs.

    • You are correct. I work in an 11 story building and the stairwells are locked on each floor. You can walk all the way down to the 1st floor, but you can’t walk up because the doors on each floor are locked and only open during emergencies.

  2. Let’s remember that these are just suggestions to help people try to stay fit in the busy world we live in. These are not answers to every single problem that YOU have. Yes……not everybody has access to stairs, but this is a good suggestion to those who do. Just because it says “exercises you can do anywhere” does not mean you have to take it so literally. Instead of complaining please contribute something helpful to the conversation such as an idea someone can do if they don’t have access to stairs. I am an exercise physiologist with a Master’s degree and I can say from the patients I’ve seen that exercise is the key to life. Find anyway to get up and move around whether its a couple brisk walks down a hallway because you don’t have access to stairs or taking on a couple of flights because you happen to have that luxury. keep up the good work with these articles they can be insightful, inspiring, and sometimes just a good reminder.

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Lynn Hutley

Lynn Hutley, health enews contributor, is coordinator of public affairs and marketing at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center and Advocate Eureka Hospital in central Illinois. Having grown up in a family-owned drug store, it is no surprise that Lynn has spent almost 18 years working in the health care industry. She has a degree in human resources management from Illinois State University and is always ready to tackle Trivia Night.