6 tips to manage the stress in your life

6 tips to manage the stress in your life

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  1. Well Written Article. I Have Bookmarked this.

  2. Fine, all these hints to manage stress are great, but they don’t help me at all. I live with my significant other; he’s a hoarder. My living room/dining room combination looks like a dump heap with more than 40 boxes piled up in it along the walls. There are also 19 boxes in the bedroom, 27 in the den. Not all of them are covered; he even uses pallets from the supermarket that are about 2-3 inches deep which contained cans of coffee, containers of coffee creamer . . . I have emphysema, the boxes attract dust which is very detrimental to my health as is the stress of just living with the boxes. He refuses therapy, I have had therapy and the therapist(s) all have the same suggestions as you do, Mr. Lurz. But those suggestions don’t help because I’m still stuck with the boxes. Any further suggestions from you, Mr. Lurz? Any suggestions from anyone?

  3. Leave or accept your situation.

  4. Can you ask ur SO to move the boxes into a storage facility? If not, I would say it’s time to live separately & just visit each other. You have to make yourself a priority, even if they won’t.

  5. I have learned to do most of these but I am older so I have practice. When I think back to my youth I have no idea if I could get it down.

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