Should you try yoga for your face?

Should you try yoga for your face?

There are a few dozen muscles in your face, neck and scalp. So why don’t we exercise these muscles like we do our legs, arms and abs?

“The movement caused by facial expressions iscommonly linked to wrinkles over time,” says Meghan Russell, a family medicine nurse practitioner at Aurora Bay Area Health Center in Marinette, Wis.

While this is true, research suggests a new facial exercise, commonly called face yoga, may help you look younger.


Just like any other muscle in our body, we won’t see the results we want without proper implementation and technique.

Everyday facial movement works your skin tissue, but doesn’t do much for the muscles within.

“When you practice face yoga, you do more than move your face. The applied pressure from your fingers provides resistance to tone your muscles in your cheeks, forehead and neck,” says Russell. “When conducted on a regular basis, the muscle builds and leaves less room for your skin to sag and wrinkle.”

Where do I start?

Here are three face yoga poses to start with:

  • Smoothing the brow: This exercise helps minimize forehead wrinkles. Start by placing both hands on your forehead with your fingers above your nose. Lightly drag your fingertips outward, applying gentle pressure. Repeat 10 times.
  • Smile smoother: Use this exercise to help reduce cheek lines. With your mouth open, hide your teeth with your lips. Keep your teeth hidden and try to smile wide 6 times. Hold your final smile and place one index finger on the middle of your chin. Move your jaw up and down while slowly tilting your head back. Repeat twice more.
  • The giraffe: Reduce wrinkles and relieve the effects of “tech neck” with this exercise. Start by staring straight ahead and placing your fingertips at the bottom of your neck. Tilt your head back and lightly drag your fingers past your collarbone. Bring your chin closer to your chest and repeat twice more. Lastly, place your fingers on your collarbone, stick your chin into the air and jut your lower lip outward. Hold this position and take four deep breaths.

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