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  1. Just want to say “thank you” also and am glad (really HAPPY) I have not had to use your services.

  2. Christi Vincevineus March 25, 2020 at 1:48 pm · Reply

    I big thank you to CrossRoads Community Church (Sheboygan) for the special little packages they left on everyone’s car windshields. It was a bag of Lifesaver’s candies, thanking us for being lifesavers!

  3. We had a patient stop by a few days ago and place a bouquet of balloons at one of our employee entrances. He called before hand to ask which entrance was used the most. The balloons say You Rock and You are #1. It was an uplifting gesture for our staff.

  4. We had a local ladies Church group buy coffee from a local shop and bring in to go containers for the whole hospital! It was very much appreciated!

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