Watch: 30 seconds can save a life when it comes to this

Watch: 30 seconds can save a life when it comes to this

When it comes to a stroke, every second counts to get a second chance. Because for every minute a stroke goes untreated, nearly 2 million brain cells die.

Do you know how to identify a stroke? Watch this quick 30 second video to learn more so you can help save a life of a friend or loved one.

Want to learn more about your risk for stroke? Take a free online assessment by clicking here.

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  1. Hello. Very NICE video and very IMPORTANT! Just a thought….the portion on how to identify a stroke is on the screen for too short of time…I read pretty quickly, but that particular screen has VERY SMALL print, so it took me a bit longer to read each item. I would suggest bumping up the font size for each and keeping that screen on slightly longer…. Thank you for your consideration. Therese Lutzke

  2. I totally agree with Therese. The most important part went way too fast to view it.

  3. It would be great to have a printable pocket card and/or refer to pdf or app for quick reference.

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