History of heart disease?

History of heart disease?

People with heart disease are at an increased risk of developing severe complications of COVID-19, which is why it’s extremely important for them to get vaccinated.

“If you have a heart-related condition – high blood pressure, diabetes or stroke – it may be harder for you to fight off COVID-19, making it more serious and sometimes fatal,” says Dr. Neal Sawlani, cardiologist at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. “The vaccine is safe and effective and getting vaccinated carries more benefits than risk, especially for people with a history of heart disease.”

Symptoms of COVID-19 for people with heart conditions can include shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue or heart palpitations.

Having a heart condition does not increase your chances of getting COVID-19 vaccine side effects. The risk of complications is minimal for people with underlying heart problems. Being diagnosed with COVID-19 carries a greater risk for individuals with heart disease than the vaccine.

Seek information and guidance about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine from experts such as your primary care physician or cardiologist. Before planning your vaccine appointment, discuss your medications and possible side effects.

“At any sign of the COVID-19 symptoms, we urge you to call your doctor and seek urgent care, says Dr. Sawlani. “For patients with heart issues, every minute counts. Don’t avoid coming to the hospital with heart problems out of fear of getting COVID-19.”

Advocate’s Safe Care Promise guarantees additional measures – such as screening and masking for every visitor – beyond our standard precautions to minimize the risk of exposure.

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  1. This is great, but what good does this do us in Wisconsin? Patients at risk due to comorbidities have been deemed expendable by our state DHS because “we are better able to self isolate” despite the fact that we are at greater risk of severe long term illness/death from a covid infection than a personal trainer, grocery store worker or mink farmer, all of whom are considered “essential”. What do you propose we go to get a vaccine? Some of us can’t afford to wait much longer!

  2. Waiting for my covid vaccine for al least one month of registration with this site. I am 72 thus much past 65 years of age. Now our state is offering vaccine to those under 65.
    So I would like to truthfully know when I might anticipate a call.

  3. Arthur Christopher Corbett February 26, 2021 at 8:58 pm · Reply

    I’m 75 years old with a heart condition. Advocate, my health care provider, has been unresponsive to my requests for a vaccine against COVID. I’ve contacted my primary care physician at Advocate about this and have had no response. Meanwhile, tens of millions of people all across the country, many younger and healthier than myself, are getting vaccinations. What do you expect me to do…?

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