Nearly half of Americans are at risk of developing cancer in their lifetime

Nearly half of Americans are at risk of developing cancer in their lifetime

Did you know cancer is the second leading cause of death for people in the U.S.?

In fact, one in three men and women are at risk of developing cancer, and 42 percent of cancer cases could be prevented, according to the American Cancer Society.

In honor of National Cancer Prevention Month, Dr. Mufaddal Hamadeh, an oncologist at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Ill., shares what you should be doing to lower your chances of getting cancer.

“Smoking, tobacco, diet, alcohol, sun exposure, environmental pollution, infectious agents, stress, obesity, physical inactivity and radiation are all risk factors for developing cancer,” says Dr. Hamadeh. “But many of them are avoidable.”

“I recommend people quit smoking, have an increased diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grain, reduce meat and alcohol consumption, restrict their caloric intake, exercise, reduce stress, avoid direct sun exposure and use vaccines to prevent certain viral infections,” he adds. “It’s also very important to get regular cancer screenings.”

Here is a list of cancer screening guidelines the American Cancer Society strongly recommends everyone follow for early cancer detection.

“Most insurance plans provide coverage for cancer screenings,” says Dr. Hamadeh. “These screenings are typically handled during your annual history and physical exam visits. Primary care providers are required to follow the cancer screening guidelines.”

For individuals with a history of cancer in their family, they should consider genetic testing to address any hereditary risk factors they might have.

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