Finding supportive sandals

Finding supportive sandals

As warm weather continues in the Midwest, you might be looking for supportive sandals to wear for the rest of the season.

Dr. Steven Jasonowicz, a podiatrist at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Il., says he recommends a sandal with the following qualities for the best fit:

  • Good arch support
  • A moderately stiff sole
  • Appropriate straps to hold the foot in place

Other things to look out for when shopping for a comfortable pair of sandals are finding a shoe that does not rub or irritate the skin, and of course, needs to be the appropriate size for the foot, Dr. Jasonowicz says.

“I always suggest measuring the length and width of your foot to ensure you are getting the correct size. In my opinion, a sandal should be supportive throughout the arch and secure enough to keep the foot from sliding around as you walk,” Dr. Jasonowicz recommends.

Also, don’t forget to slowly transition into a new sandal and protect your feet with sunscreen, says Dr. Jasonowicz.

If you’ve found your supportive sandal, keep in mind when you are wearing them so as not to injure your foot. Dr. Jasonowicz says that sandals are generally not appropriate for longer-distance walking and they are best worn around the beach and pool when regular shoes may not work.

“In terms of summer activities, I would not recommend sandals while hiking or on uneven surfaces, while playing sports or while running,” Dr. Jasonowicz advises.

Further, there are some people with certain medical conditions, such as neuropathy, that would be better suited not wearing sandals, says Dr. Jasonowicz, or those with large deformities or difficulty with walking and balance.

If in doubt, Dr. Jasonowicz recommends talking with a foot and ankle specialist prior to wearing sandals.

Are you trying to find a doctor? Look here if you live in IllinoisLook here if you live in Wisconsin.

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  1. My daughter suggested the Chaco brand when I was looking for good supportive sandals. I love them. The straps are fully adjustable and they have a video to help you do that online. The soles have great arch support. They’re made for hiking, so they tick all the boxes the podiatrist suggests. They are a bit expensive, however, I have had mine for 5 years and they still look great and support me well. The company will actually repair and replace the straps as well as do repairs to the sole treads if needed. They are definitely worth the money.

    • Thank you for that info Susan. I’m curious to which sandal you purchased. I’ve spent a lot of money on shoes/sandals to get comfortable, and still searching for the best. Appreciate your hel

  2. OOFOS are amazing. Considered a recovery sandal/shoe.

  3. It is curious that neither Dr. Jasonowicz’s guidance in the article nor the photo of the sandals talk about or show protection of the toes. I have owned many pairs of sandals and have learned the hard way after multiple injuries to my toes that, in addition to support, sandals should protect the toes. Style-wise they may look a bit dorky, but better to display one’s inner dork than to risk serious injury to one’s toes.

  4. It would of been nice if Dr. Jasonowicz would of recommended brands of sandals with good arch support.

  5. No toe injury June 9, 2022 at 2:57 pm · Reply

    I have as long as I remember I have never had a toe injury because of this, I have almost fallen because my sandals or flip-flops did not fit correctly

  6. I recently purchased Aetrax shoes and also sandals by Gdefy. Both are expensive, but if you check various websites, you can get up to 40% off, or sale prices, such as Father’s day, coming up.

  7. After searching for yrs, found that Ecco sandals are perfect for my problem feet. I have tried every brand. Taking some time to break them in, as with other arch supports. Perfect for my different sized large feet, hammer toesbunions, and problem arches. Most important, these conform perfectly to my foot shape and hold my weight, feeling very stable and not squishy or like Im sliding around. I bought the two strap slide with velcro to try around the house. Perfect, but need broken on a few hrs evety day

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