An expert’s thoughts on the infamous green juice

An expert’s thoughts on the infamous green juice

A substance called chlorophyll, which originates from plant cells is allegedly healing everyone’s acne, irritable bowel syndrome and even preventing cancer by just adding water.

However, TikTok users weren’t the first ones to jump on this green juice trend. A 2011 research publication cites various studies, some dating back to the 1940s, that highlight the benefits of chlorophyll’s partnership with traditional medicine. These studies feature antioxidant effects, anti-inflammatory results and even the use of chlorophyll in chemotherapy treatments.

While many have reported significant improvements in various health conditions, Dr. Deepkamal Kaur, an internal medicine physician with Advocate Health Care, says the lack of double-blind randomized controlled trials, or trials that include experimental treatment, standard treatment and placebo, hinder the ability to assess chlorophyll’s overall effectiveness in the general population. Dr. Kaur’s best recommendation is to consult with your doctor to assess whether chlorophyll supplements are right for you.

“If my patients want to explore chlorophyll as a treatment option, I am always open to that discussion,” Dr. Kaur says. “Based upon our conversation, we can then decide if this supplement is going to help them or not. I can also follow up closely with them to ensure they receive the health benefits they intend to experience.”

With a variety of suggested uses for chlorophyll, Dr. Kaur says the most common ones her patients ask her about are treatment for acne, weight loss and improving bowel movement.

Because of the various potential benefits of this natural supplement and the multiple ways to consume it, consulting with your doctor is the safest course of action. They can best help you decide whether and how to strategically implement chlorophyll into your everyday care.

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