Blog: Advice for youth pitchers working toward a no-hitter

Blog: Advice for youth pitchers working toward a no-hitter

Chicago Cubs pitcher, Jake Arrieta, achieved his second career no-hitter recently and has caused a media and fan frenzy, surely inspiring young pitchers on little league fields across America to play out fantasies of their own “no-no’s.”

While a no-hitter makes for an exciting game, it’s important to remember that Arrieta is a well-conditioned athlete who has undergone training in proper form and technique to perform such a feat. Youth pitchers may not have enough physical development, muscle control or proper training to throw a curveball with good mechanics.

As baseball season gets into full swing, youth pitchers – and their parents – should heed these tips to prevent shoulder and elbow injuries:

  1. Learn proper pitching mechanics as early as possible.
  2. Watch for and respond to signs of fatigue during a game or practice.
  3. Avoid pitching more than 100 innings in a calendar year and pitching on multiple teams with overlapping seasons.
  4. No overhead throwing of any kind during the off-season (at least three months) in order to rest and recover.
  5. Follow these recommended pitch counts and days of rest from the MLB.

If a pitcher complains of pain in the elbow or shoulder, stop pitching immediately and rest until evaluated by a sports medicine physician.

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  1. As a coach of two youth travel baseball teams, I can say that it absolutely important to teach proper mechanics, avoid throwing curve balls at an early age and ensuring that each pitcher has proper rest and care prior to his next outing.

  2. Dr. Joshua Alpert
    Dr joshua alpert April 26, 2016 at 10:39 pm · Reply

    I couldn’t agree more Joe!!!!

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