How to start a morning exercise routine

How to start a morning exercise routine

How do I start a morning exercise routine?

It can be challenging, but with some tips from the fitness experts at Good Shepherd Health and Fitness Center in Barrington, Ill. you can help ease the problems associated with starting.

  1. Start off with a small goal. When most people start an exercise routine, they overwhelm themselves with unreal expectations, like trying to work out five days a week or wanting to lose 20 pounds in one month. Make a realistic goal for yourself based on your limitations and work/personal life.
  2. Set aside the time for yourself. When participating in any exercise regime, it is important to think about your personal health and well-being. Exercising has so many benefits to name, but we often hear how stress relieving it feels afterwards, which is so important for most of us in our busy lives.
  3. Plan ahead. The best plan is one laid out well ahead of time. Pick a day when you will begin. Choose which day of the week works best for you and set your alarm 30 minutes early on those days to allow for the extra time.
  4. Write down what days you will be exercising and stick to it. Often, when we write things down, we are more prone to accomplishing what we set out to do. Write down that Monday 6am-7am workout in your calendar and put the same appointment into your phone.
  5. Get started. The hardest part about an exercise program is starting or taking that first step on the treadmill or into the gym. Take a deep breath and say “let’s do this today”.

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