Creepy clowns gaining traction

Creepy clowns gaining traction

The hashtag “creepy clown” has been gaining traction lately, as at least 10 states have encountered reports of individuals dressed as clowns looking to harm or threaten others. While many of these are hoaxes, you may wonder–why clowns? What it is that makes them rate so high on the creepiness scale?

“Psychologically, the likely reason some fear clowns is that people, in general, are uncomfortable meeting anyone who is disguised,” says Sharon Klingman, a licensed clinical counselor with Advocate Medical Group in Bloomington, Ill. “Our brains see and use hundreds of minute cues when we meet a person for the first time to develop a profile of who we believe that person is. Even without talking, we attach basic personality characteristics to someone, and that assumption leads us either closer to the person or pushes us away. When we are blocked from accessing these cues by a painted clown face, we immediately feel some discomfort and anxiety. We don’t like anxiety and therefore, may choose to associate them with the ‘bad’ feeling we had.”

In a study published earlier this year, over 1,300 participants were asked to rate 21 occupations on their “creepiness.” Clown scored the highest,with taxidermist a close second. Researchers concluded this outcome and others from the study support the idea that the perception of creepiness is a response to the ambiguity of a threat. Unusual nonverbal behavior and odd emotional responses make us uncomfortable and wonder if an individual may be a threat.

“Fear of clowns, or coulrophobia, has been capitalized on over the years by horror film makers and writers,” says Klingman. “Even a certain serial killer assumed a clown persona, which only added to the perception by some that clowns are evil and to be feared.”

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  1. I have always been afraid of clowns just in general. They are all creepy and unpredictable. Like John Wayne Gasy, he really put a bad name to clowns.

  2. Everyone is aware that these people dressing up to scare people are just doing it because of the reactions right? These are pranks. People are trolling other people. In no instance has any of these new “clown disturbances” resulted innocent people being harmed. Actually it’s the clowns who have gotten hurt or in trouble. People need to calm down and stop acting like frightened little children!

  3. Dear clowns go away and stop your ignorance and you will not get hurt.


  4. WOW…Clowns. My kids bedroom was all clowns and balloons. We love them! Thank goodness I made clowns a positive thing for them. Crazy people in general need to calm down and stop. They are endangering their own lives. I have heard it’ll be good target practice for some. They need to be aware of concealed carry these days.

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