Is this fashion trend putting your health at risk?

Is this fashion trend putting your health at risk?

Adolescents and young adults often consider piercings a fashion trend, a way of expressing themselves. But are they considering the health risks related to piercings?

According to a Pew study, kids aren’t just piercing their ears anymore. In fact, 25 percent of those with piercings have them in places like the tongue, lips, nose, nipples, eyebrow, belly button – and even the genitals.

“Piercings can come with serious health complications,” says Dr. Cathy Joyce, director of Adolescent Medicine at Advocate Children’s Hospital. “Young people considering piercings need to know the facts and be prepared to live with the repercussions.”


  • Put you at risk for infection
  • Can cause permanent scars that are difficult or impossible to remove
  • Increase the risk of infection in the upper ear, through cartilage
  • Can result in serious health complications if pulled out accidentally

“Besides the health risks, piercings can have other long term impacts,” says Dr. Joyce. “While it may be fashionable today, what will that piercing look like as you age? And how might it affect your career goals?”

According to CareerBuilder,com, 37 percent of human resource professionals say piercings can limit one’s career potential.

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Evonne Woloshyn

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