5 tips to help manage panic attacks

5 tips to help manage panic attacks

Panic attacks are bouts of extreme anxiety – sometimes referred to as “anxiety on steroids” – and can be a very disabling disorder.

Dr. Kevin Krippner, a clinical psychologist with Advocate Medical Group in Bloomington, Ill., suggests these five tips to help manage attacks and calm down in the midst of one.

1. Regulate your breathing: Take deep breaths. Doing this can aid in relaxing the body and bringing anxiety down to a more manageable level.

2. Use self talk: Try to refute the issue that is causing your anxiety. Remind yourself that a panic attack will not last forever and that the anxiety will pass in a short period of time.

3. Recognize the situation: It helps to identify the source of the panic attack, recognize you are experiencing one and that it is going to end. Sometimes, the panic is related to the fear of having the attack even more than the event that may have triggered it.

4. Seek help: Counseling is recommended for those who suffer from panic attacks. It can be highly effective in reducing the frequency, duration and intensity of the attacks.

5. Medication: For some people, prescribed medication can be a beneficial way to manage anxiety, although it should be used in addition to other strategies to manage the symptoms.

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