What should you do with your vaccination card?

What should you do with your vaccination card?

You scheduled an appointment, rolled up your sleeves and got the COVID-19 vaccine. When you were done, you were given a small card as proof of your jab. But you may be wondering what exactly to do with this piece of paper when you’re not using it.

You could be required to show your vaccination card for work, school, summer camps, sports leagues, entertainment venues and if you travel outside the United States, among other activities, said Advocate Medical Group Family Medicine doctor Dr. Margaret Malicay, so it’s important to keep it in a safe place.

“Treat it as you would your birth certificate, social security card, passport, marriage license or life insurance policy,” Dr. Malicay said. “Put it away in a safe place at home and keep a copy on your phone or in your wallet.”

Avoid laminating your vaccination card, Malicay said. Even if you’re fully vaccinated, it is possible you may need a booster in the future, which will be documented on your original COVID-19 vaccine card.

Having a digital backup is a great way to keep your vaccination card on you without bringing the physical copy. You can also use a vaccine card holder to prevent stains and wear, although this is a personal preference and not required, Malicay said.

If you lose your vaccination card, you can reach out to the place where you were vaccinated to get another copy.

“Currently, I am asking my own patients to have their COVID-19 card scanned to their electronic medical record for documentation and conveniences should they lose it in the future,” Malicay said. “Again, treat it with care like you would your drivers license or passport.”

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information . Just to mention . Supporting an ambulatory site within AMG , we were advised by our Clinical informatics Education Teams to attempt to reconcile the immunization within the EMR or record the immunization as an Historical Administration . This would apply to Outside Immunizations validated by clinical documentation such as the Immunization Record card.

  2. Advice to not laminate came too late; original gave the reason that hot process smeared the ink. I laminated using simple sheets, the part about possible future shots came later.

  3. Gloria Picchetti July 30, 2021 at 12:26 pm · Reply

    It’s larger than the vaccine card but a passport holder is good to use.

  4. Read the article about the COVID 19 vaccination record card. Noticed there wasn’t a link to the vaccine holder that was mentioned somewhere. I ordered one in the beginning of June and have not received it. I reached out to aah@specworks.com and was told a second one was in the mail. Haven’t received that one either. Can you help figure out the problem?

  5. Great idea to have card scanned into medical record. Where do you get the vaccination card holder?

  6. Helen Cuprisin July 30, 2021 at 3:34 pm · Reply

    You claim that one should contact the provider where you got your shot in case you lost your immunization card, but it was impossible to find anybody at Advocate to whom I could speak to about replacing my card. I had the Pfizer shots in Feb. and Mar.

  7. Exactly answered my question. Got vaccinated last Weds, July 28. Now I know what to do with the card I was given. Thanks very much,

  8. Patricia LaFonte July 31, 2021 at 2:35 am · Reply

    Where can I get a Vaccine card holder?


  9. Legertha Barner July 31, 2021 at 2:39 pm · Reply

    How can I get a replacement card. I took the last vaccine on 4/1/21 and do not know what I did with it.

  10. At the suggestion of someone at the site where I got my shot, I took a picture of mine with my phone. That way, I have it with me wherever I take my phone.

  11. “Currently, I am asking my own patients to have their COVID-19 card scanned to their electronic medical record for documentation and conveniences should they lose it in the future,” Malicay said

    I sent a copy of someone’s card to be scanned and it was returned and we were told that it isn’t necessary to scan. I realize I can enter the information into the EMR by hand (and I did) but having the card as actual proof of vaccination in the EMR makes sense and as the author states would help the patient if they lose the card in the future.

  12. I lost my card & called the hotline, my PCP, the hospital where I received the vaccine, Human Resources and Medical Records. Still trying to figure out how to get it replaced. Please print the steps to take for anyone else needing this info

  13. I ordered my vaccine card holder from AAH on June 23 and still have yet to receive it, so it seems if you’d like one, you should plan way ahead.

  14. Mary Susan Yank August 3, 2021 at 5:24 pm · Reply

    The Pharmacy at St. Luke’s is administering the vaccine now that the walk-in at the auditorium is closed. They said they’d give me a replacement card. Haven’t gone there yet but maybe find a place in Advocate Aurora that’s giving them and contact them.

  15. Charlotte Czarnecki August 7, 2021 at 10:49 am · Reply

    I had Covid, where do I get a card showing I don’t need a vaccine?

  16. I was able to go to my live well ap and copy my vaccination card from there.

  17. You say if you’ve lost your vaccination card contact the place where you had your vaccination. No matter how many times I called Advocate Downers Grove office, nobody ever answers the phone so no one ever got back to me to get me a replacement card for the Pfizer vaccine I got in February and March

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