Burn dangerous belly fat with a one-two punch

Burn dangerous belly fat with a one-two punch

Fat carried around the waist is some of the most dangerous weight you may carry. According to one study, excess belly fat increased the risk of kidney disease. It has also been tied to significantly increased risk of developing diabetes.

For people who fall into this high-risk category, it can be difficult to know how to begin shedding those excess pounds.

Carol Dieball, M.S., A.C.S.M., a Fitness Instructor at the Advocate Condell Centre Club in Libertyville, Ill., offers some good advice.

One-Two Punch
“We like the two-step approach of burning calories to reduce fat,” says Dieball, “with exercises like running, biking or swimming. And then to help tighten and tone, we recommend strength training exercises for your core.”

For many people who carry weight around their bellies, strengthening the back is just as important as the abs, Dieball says. “When we talk about core-strengthening, we include the back. You can’t forget the back because it supports your weight, and strengthening it can help to prevent injury.”

Also, it’s important to start slow and choose the right exercises to prevent injury. Dieball emphasizes, “We like to see people who need weight management have a doctor’s authorization for them before they begin a program. We find an individual’s starting point, and gradually work up from there. So, for example, maybe five minutes on a recumbent bike or elliptical machine would be a good base for someone. People who tend to carry weight around their bellies need to be careful with high-impact, weight-bearing exercises like running. Running can be very tough on the joints.”

It’s not an easy process, and nutrition plays an important role in helping lose the spare tire.

“Research has shown that a strong nutrition plan in combination with exercise will yield positive results,” says Dieball.

Junk-Proof Your Pantry
Dieball recommends, “People should try to rid their homes of foods that might be temptations for them, and to try to purchase healthier options. Perhaps rather than a bag of M&Ms, you opt for trail mix that might have chocolate yogurt bits in it. Also, you should make it a habit to glance at food labels—sometimes snacks that are billed as ‘healthy’ are high in sugars or have hidden calories.”

By keeping the tasty temptations out of your house, it will be more difficult to succumb to instant gratification.

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