Lung cancer on the rise for women smokers

Lung cancer on the rise for women smokers

An alarming study sheds light on the deadly impact smoking has on women who light up.

Looking at information from more than 2.2 million adults ages 55 and older from the 2000s, researchers found that women who smoked were 25.7 times more likely to die from lung cancer. This is a dramatic increase from data in the 1980s, which showed women who smoked were 12.6 times more likely to die from lung cancer.

Because lung cancer can take years to develop, researchers tracked smoking patterns over time to gauge their impact on women’s health. So the jump reflects changes in smoking patterns among women that began in the 1960s.

The authors of the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine say the findings confirm the prediction that “women who smoke like men die like men.” However, lung cancer in men has not increased like it has in women. In fact, the risk of death from lung cancer among male smokers has been level since the 1980s.

Statistics actually show that the risk of death from lung cancer in men is about the same as it is for female smokers today. The risk of death from chronic obstructive lung disease continues to increase in both sexes.

Some health experts say the increase may be due in part to the introduction of blended tobacco lowering the pH of cigarette smoke, making the smoke easier to inhale deeper into the lungs.

There is good news for those who can quit, researchers say. Quitting smoking at any age lowers the risk of death from smoking-related diseases and giving up the habit before the age of 40 is even more effective at cutting risk.

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  1. Gastroenterologist consultant March 7, 2014 at 6:12 am · Reply

    Now-a-days says that women’s are equal to men this concept is absolute right but that doesn’t me we has to compete them in each and every stages…There many women’s also doing smoking for relaxation, stress relief but this not an way actually this route take you towards your bad phase of your life i.e cancer but if you took precautionary measures then you can prevent your self from this type of diseases.
    1) Avoid second hand smoke
    2) avoid diesel exhaust and other harmful air pollutants
    3) eat healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables
    4) be aware of your exposure to radiation from medical imaging especially those of the chest.
    5) test your home for radon.

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