Want to improve your memory? Stay active

Want to improve your memory? Stay active

In case you were looking for another reason to boost your workout routine, add brain power to the list of benefits.

According to a recent study from Michigan State University, young adults who are physically fit have significantly better long-term memory than those who are not. It’s one of the first studies of its kind to focus on young, healthy adults rather than children or the elderly.

Study participants were exposed to related word pairs such as “camp” and “trail.” They were again tested on these pairs a day later to measure the long-term memory success of the individuals. Researchers explained that long-term memory is considered anything remembered more than 30 seconds prior.

According to the study, a large amount of the participants were considered out of shape and performed poorly on these tests as compared to those who were considered extremely fit. No previous intelligence tests or records were used in the study, so that the group could solely focus on the relationship between fitness and memory.

Study leaders said they hope the results motivate people to stay active. They also strongly believe that this memory loss could increase with old age.

“The findings show that lower-fit individuals lose more memory across time,” researchers said.

The study shows that levels of fitness have been decreasing, says Dr. Daniel Lazar, primary care physician with Advocate Medical Group in Glenview, Illinois.

“We were clearly designed to move. It seems that the more we look/study, the more benefits we find to exercising,” Dr. Lazar says. “I tell my patients that exercise should be like brushing your teeth – you would never really consider not doing it.”

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  1. Liz Donofrio

    Great article and another reason to keep moving. Working out always boosts my self esteem and attitude after a good workout, I’m glad to see that it has long term effects as well.

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