Infographic: The healing power of pets

Infographic: The healing power of pets

Healing Pets 1

Healing Pets 2

Healing Pets 3

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  1. How true!

  2. Correct, we are looking only at full part of the glass. Pets are members of the family and the emotional attachment is strong. It’s not easy when you are losing them. About shelter’s animal, i agree that they deserve a second chance, but most of them are abused and they need medication. Plus other expenses with vet, license, “hotel”. If you want to take care properly, you need money.

  3. Many pets relinquished to the Humane Society have not been abused. Owners have had to move into nursing homes, or apartments that don’t allow pets or cannot afford the pet that they love because of financial problems. You can get a wonderful pet as we have and they seem to know that you have rescued them. Yes, you will eventually lose the pet to death, but in the meantime they give you so much love and devotion that will enhance your life. They are always so happy to see you and sitting and petting them relieves whatever stress you are facing in your life.

  4. Shannon Homolka August 11, 2014 at 9:41 am · Reply

    I’ve had ups and downs with pet ownership. I had a dog suddenly die at 4 years of age. I was devastated. After he died I thought I would never get a dog again because I couldn’t deal with the pain of losing another one. However, after 1 month without a dog I realized that I couldn’t deal with not having one and ended up with the dog I have now. Pet ownership is not for everyone. However, many hospitals and nursing facilities offer pet therapy. This is very nice as the patients/residents do not have to own the pet but get the benefits of time with the pet. I hope to one day have my dog trained to do pet therapy so others can benefit from the unconditional love of my dog.

  5. This is one of the great benefits in owning a pet. Unbeknownst to us, the relationship between pets and owners form a bond and it is therapeutic. They give us joy and makes us laugh just because of their natural cuteness. – Lisa Williams

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