Safety tips for cleaning around the house

Safety tips for cleaning around the house

Time to evict those dust bunnies after the holidays. With the cold weather and being stuck indoors, what better time to do some deep cleaning.

But before you dive into your household chores, Dr. Mark Mroczko, family practice physician with Advocate Medical Group in Eureka, Ill., says it’s important to take time to exercise safety.

Dr. Mroczko warns to keep all chemicals out of the reach of young children to avoid accidental poisonings.

“The colors of many household soaps and cleaners can be very welcoming to small children,” he says. “Keep all chemicals up high and clearly labeled.” He also cautions to never mix chemicals as it can create a dangerous gas.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests opening windows and turning on fans when using cleaners or other chemicals. If you’re spraying pesticides or other chemicals, wear protective clothing such as long sleeves, long pants, socks, shoes and gloves. And stay away from newly sprayed areas for at least an hour, or until the spray has dried.

An estimated 40,000 children under age four are injured by unintentional poisonings every year, according to the National Safety Council. While statistics show that children rarely die today from unintentional poisonings, non-fatal poisonings remain a childhood concern.

The Illinois Poison Center offers these helpful tips if a poisoning were to occur:

  1. Call the Poison Center Helpline (1.800.222.1222)if you or another person have been exposed to something that might cause an unwanted and/or unexpected reaction.
  2. Remain calm. The majority of poison emergencies can be resolved quickly and over the phone.
  3. Call 9-1-1 if the person affected is unconscious or has difficulty breathing.

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  1. Dirt and dust accrue in the oddest places. Even if you’re keeping up with everyday chores, every home occasionally needs a little cleaning. cleaning keeps our homes healthy by reducing the number of bacteria. Due to busy schedule we aren’t able to do cleaning but now a days cleaning services are available.

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