Why do people avoid getting a colonoscopy?

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  1. I won’t go back for another one. I don’t care how easy they are. If you don’t make the doctor fill out the paper work the right way, you will be responsible for the payment. Never again.

    Who goes of their own free will to get that procedure done. It was told I had to have it and was 5 years late getting it.

    • Sounds like you may have had a bad doctor but that has nothing to do with how important it is to have this procedure. Many people go on their own to have this procedure done because it’s how you check for GI cancers and issues. Once you pass a certain age you should go at least every 5 years, if not more.

    • If the doctor or his staff codes the procedure incorrectly you can go back and have them change it to the correct procedure. I recently was charged for bloodwork that is a part of my preventative annual physical. After I received a bill (which I should not have), I contacted the office staff, found out that it was coded wrong and had them go through the process of getting it fixed and information communicated properly. I should not have had to go through the correction process, but if you are a bit of a squeeky wheel and let them know you are the customer, it will get fixed.

  2. Margie Hallwas March 4, 2015 at 3:02 pm · Reply

    14 years ago, it saved my life. I had a cancerous polyp. I’ve gone every 3 years since, and unfortunately, every prep I’ve tried has caused me to throw up after the 2nd or 3rd dose. It’s just once and I feel a whole lot better after…and the procedure itself is simple and painless if you have a specialist and good anesthesiologist. The doctor’s office should have been able to correct the code/paper work for the insurance company. Hope you reconsider.

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