Should you consider breast reduction surgery?

Should you consider breast reduction surgery?

“Feels like [I’m] a new person,” said Ariel Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy on the hit show “Modern Family.” Standing at 5’1” she matured into a young lady at an early age with her chest reaching a 32F cup size by the time she was 15 years old. At 17, all the negative attention and the pain she was experiencing made her realize that something needed to change, according to media reports.

Unlike some women in Hollywood who seek breast augmentation surgery, Winter went a different route and reduced her breast size by undergoing a reduction mammoplasty also called breast reduction surgery.

After surgery, Winter raved about how she felt it was the right decision for her.

“I can’t even really put it into words about how amazing it feels to really feel right,” she told Glamour magazine.

She reduced her cup size to a 34D.

The decision Winter made is not uncommon for women, but deciding to do a cosmetic surgery can be a tough decision for anyone.

Dr. Timothy Bradley, a plastic surgeon at Advocate Dreyer Medical Clinic says you should consider the operation if you are experiencing these symptoms.

  1. Pain in the neck – If you are experiencing strains and pains in your neck, back, or shoulders from the weight of your breasts, you may consider breast reduction surgery. This is the most common reason to undergo breast reduction surgery.
  2. They are in the way – Commonly, women will complain of their breasts getting in the way of simple tasks. If you are having trouble doing physical activities or getting simple chores done because your breasts get in the way, breast reduction surgery might be an option.
  3. You just aren’t happy – Maybe you are upset that you can’t find clothes that fit, or similar to Winter, you are receiving too much attention because of your breast size. If you aren’t happy with the way they look on your body, it might be time to look into surgery.

“An initial consultation is extremely important,” says Dr. Bradley.  “If you are considering surgery, talk to a plastic surgeon to fully understand your options.  They can help identify if you are an ideal candidate for this surgery, and even what size breasts would be best for each patient’s physique.”

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