4 foods to fuel your kids’ brain

4 foods to fuel your kids’ brain

It’s that time of year again – kids are back to school. In order to help them stay sharp throughout the day, it is important that parents pack nutritious snacks and lunches.

The foods children eat have a direct effect on how well they function during the day, says Dr. Jennifer Schening, a pediatrician at Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Ill.

She offers some tips on making sure your child stays sharp and eats well.

  • Eat breakfast. It’s very important that kids eat breakfast – even if it’s something small like toast with peanut butter. Breakfast wakes up their body and helps kids maintain a healthy weight.
  • Make a healthy lunch and pack nutritious snacks. Limit sugary drinks, encourage them to drink water and pack healthy snacks to help your child stay focused and maintain a good diet. Make sure to get protein in their diet to keep their energy levels consistent. Sandwiches, wraps, fruits and nuts are all good foods to pack into your child’s lunch. If your child has after-school activities or sports, be sure to pack protein shakes and energy bars – something with more nutritional value than fast food.
  • Plan ahead. Packing a lunch the night before will help with the morning craziness. In addition to planning out lunches, families can get their kids involved with making lunches. This gives kids a say in what they want to bring and teaches them about nutrition and portion sizes.
  • Get them excited about eating healthy. Leaving notes in their lunch box and putting snacks in special containers are good ways to make lunches visually appealing to kids. Children are more excited to eat if their food looks fun.

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