The impact of Netflix on your love life

The impact of Netflix on your love life

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you’re planning an elaborate date with your long-term partner or a solo night celebrating the single life, you might end up ending your night watching Netflix. The streaming service certainly has plenty of romantic viewing options, but have you ever considered what your viewing tastes and Netflix habits say about your love life?

Netflix recently conducted a study to find out if people’s binge-watching habits have a direct impact on their love life.

In a survey, Netflix asked 1,008 Americans ages 18-39 years old various questions based on who the viewers found attractive in comparison to their Netflix activities.

After tallying up the results, the study found that 25 percent of users are more attracted to potential partners if they like their taste in television, while 27 percent insist that enjoying the same shows is vital in finding the perfect mate. The study also found that 13 percent of users would ask someone out solely based on similar taste in TV shows.

Also, if users are putting down in their dating site profile that their favorite shows to watch are Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or The Office than it might be more appealing to another user says Netflix. In fact, the results revealed that comedy is the “top genre that potential romantic interest’s find attractive on an online dating profile.” On the non-comedy side, shows like House of Cards and Breaking Bad were found to be the perfect shows for binging together and bonding as a couple.

And then we’ve all heard of the term “Facebook official,” but the Netflix study takes this modern term to the next level with “Netflix official.” Fifty one percent of users said that sharing their Netflix password with a potential lover was a sign of a serious commitment. While 17 percent of users said that they wouldn’t share their coveted password until they were engaged.

Once a user found their binge-watching buddy for life, 72 percent said that watching Netflix with their partner was one of their favorite pastimes.

So as the temperature drops this weekend and love is in the air, don’t forget that the choice in TV shows or movies could bring you closer as a couple. Happy viewing!

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