Why do people avoid getting a colonoscopy?

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  1. My concern is that some insurance companies want to reclassify the procedure in process to charge for removal of polyps as a separate procedure covered differently by insurance. They also don’t want to tell you this up front.

  2. The objection I know many have is that there is no guarantee that the colon will not be perforated, which can cause multiple problems including death. Also, I recently attended a program that showed that the number of people “saved” from colonoscopies is very low in relation to those that have not had a colonoscopy. Lastly, there are non-invasive ways to check for, not only colon cancer, but many other forms of cancer and that these cancers can be picked up very early – one method is a blood test called Oncoblot. And for those who do not do colonoscopies there is the Occult Blood Stool test, though it is not as accurate as the Oncoblot and other tests.

  3. I wanted to comment on both of the previous comments received on this topic.
    David is correct- many insurance companies state they will cover a colonoscopy 100% as long as it is a screening and polyps are not detected- once polyps are detected this is no longer a screening and is now considered a diagnostic test and is subjected to the deductible and co-pays of the insurance plan.

    Lee is also correct- there are other screenings out there to screen for colon cancer- ColoGuard is one of the available tests-it only cost $500.00- I opt for the Cologuard and other testing instead of the colonoscopy, why subject yourself to being put out under anesthesia and high hospital and doctor costs for the colonoscopy when there are other options.

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