Pediatric social worker: “It starts with me”

Pediatric social worker: “It starts with me”

Every day, through her work, Tina Eisman supports kids and families whose lives are affected by childhood cancer and blood disorders. For 23 years, she has served as a pediatric social worker at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge, Ill, most recently in the Hematology/Oncology Division.

And while Eisman is proud of her work, she also feels it is her responsibility to help families facing the burdens of a cancer diagnosis in other ways. That is why she takes part in Advocate Health Care’s Associate Giving Campaign, an annual initiative in which Advocate Health Care associates and physicians can make donations to a hospital or program, providing vital funds to important causes. Making a contribution and helping financially during this time every year, she goes a step above and beyond and honors those who put their trust in her every day.

“They show such incredible strength, grace and focus,” Eisman says. “They are a constant inspiration. This is the time of the year I can give back financially.”

During the Associate Giving Campaign, she lives the theme: It Starts with Me.

“Every day, everywhere I turn in the children’s hospital, I see the benefits of philanthropy,” Eisman says. “When I see a child walk out of their clinic room after something as difficult as a spinal tap, and then enthusiastically rifle through the hospital toy chest to find their perfect treasure to take home, I remember the joy these gifts bring. These toys are possible because of people’s generosity. When I see a teenager pass time during a chemotherapy treatment playing on an I-pad, DVD player or video game, I realize this is the Giving campaign at work.”

She also sees the impact the campaign has on parents. “Giving an Au Bon Pain gift card to a financially stressed parent when their child is hospitalized with cancer may seem like such a small thing, but it goes so far in easing their burden. It reminds them that others care about what they are going through.”

It is also through charitable gifts that Tina and her coworkers are able to attend special trainings that help keep them up-to-date on the cutting edge advances happening in pediatric care. Charitable gifts play a big part in making sure that people like Tina, who care for cancer patients, are trained to provide the highest quality of care.

The Associate Giving Campaign allows associates a perfect opportunity to give back.

“For those who are considering making a contribution to the Associate Giving Campaign, please know that your gift can have a lasting impact on children and families in so many ways,” Eisman urges. “It can lift the spirits of a child with cancer, ease the burden of that child’s family, provide education and training for the medical team that is caring for that child and so much more. I see the benefits of the campaign every day. We make a difference.”

If you’re an Advocate associate and interested in contributing, please click here.

If you’re not an Advocate associate but would like to make a contribution, please visit the Advocate Charitable Foundation.

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