Reasons to leave your shoes at the door

Reasons to leave your shoes at the door

You may be tempted to leave your shoes on when you get home, but there are some reasons why it might be better to leave your street shoes at the door.

Stronger Feet

Shoes with great arch support are sometimes good for your podiatric health, but did you know that it might not be best for everyone’s feet to be supported by shoes all day?

For younger adults, one way to keep your feet and arches strong is by exercising them. “One of the best ways to do that is by walking without shoes for a bit each day,” says Advocate Christ Medical Center podiatrist Dr. John Grady.

Dr. Grady says it’s especially true for children and recommends that kids go barefoot until the age of three so their foot and ankle muscles can properly develop.

However, Dr. Grady says that some people, especially those with certain medical issues, should not go barefoot.

  • Diabetic patients with neuropathy should wear shoes in the house, because they will not feel sensation if they step on something that could penetrate the foot and cause serious infections or fractures.
  • Those who have worn shoes for so long that their feet are dependent upon the support the shoes provide may cause harm by going barefoot.

Dr. Grady says almost no one should wear socks around the house, as this causes slipping and falling.

Prevent Damage

Shoes can damage your floors. Grit and dirt trapped in soles can cause wear and tear on carpet and are even harder on wood floors. Your hardwood floors will become scratched over time when particles of debris are scattered from shoes. Plus, those high heels will cause dents.

Keep a Cleaner Home

Shoes track in dirt and dust. From yard chemicals, to animal droppings, to baseball field dust, there is no end to what your shoes may have picked up.

Be a Good Neighbor

If you live in a multi-dwelling building, your downstairs neighbors will thank you. They may even sleep better, depending on when you are walking around.

Don’t like to, or shouldn’t, go without shoes at home? Buy a pair of soft-soled shoes to only be worn in the house.

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