Infographic: The 411 on EpiPens

Infographic: The 411 on EpiPens

Mylan pharmaceutical company has recently come under fire for the price of their epinephrine auto-injectors. Here are some of the basics when it comes to access to treatment for severe allergic reactions.

For more information on treating allergic reactions, check out What to do when a child is having an allergic reaction.

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  1. I wonder how expensive the other 2 Epinepherine Auto Injectors are and how available are these alternatives. Maybe Mylan’s Epi-pen should be boycotted.

    • Lynn Hutley

      In an August 23, 2016 article from the Associated Press, it was reported that a pair of Adrenaclick syringes costs $142 to $380 at pharmacies. LIke Mylan, Auvi-Q offered coupons with their products but I’m not sure of the current state of the company given the recall of their product in 2015.

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