9 items you should NEVER share

9 items you should NEVER share

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  1. Yet another scary article! Growing up with 7 siblings, I should have died already! We shared all these things as well as spoons, forks & fingers! We need to share our germs to give our immunity systems a workout! Please wash your hands after using the toilet and handling raw meat. Cover your mouth when coughing and your nose when you sneeze! Take a day off when you have diarrhea or a fever! Those are things you shouldn’t share!

  2. Bhadresh Mehta May 3, 2017 at 9:50 pm · Reply

    It is true not to share drinking glasses and bottles . I came from India , we never share or eat from same ice cream bowl and sip soda. I was very surprised when I came to United States about 34 years ago. We say Namaste but not intimately hug. Our religion prohibits father hugging of adult daughters. I agree with this. I saw sometimes dog leaks ice cream cone of small kids.

  3. Bhadresh Mehta May 3, 2017 at 9:51 pm · Reply

    I agree not to share drinks, foods with others.

  4. I’m glad my father hugged me up until the day he died! Can’t imagine anyone telling him or me we could not show affection…very sad…

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