5 ways to live life like you’re on vacation every day

5 ways to live life like you’re on vacation every day

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  1. “You are not obligated to do anything you do not want to do on vacation…”

    Um, could you please explain that to TSA? Thanks!

    “… so why should that change once you get home?”

    Well, because I like to wear clean clothes, eat off of clean dishes (heck, for that matter, I like to eat), live in a clean house, and I have kids and DCFS gets cranky if they’re not taken care of. Who do you suggest should do those things if I say no? Oh, yeah, the maid, the cook and the nanny that I’ll need to hire to take an extra hour on my commute and go on that hike, go to that museum and that brewery tour and still sleep extra at night. Still wondering who’s going to do my job which pays for all of that?

    Are these things written by human beings with actual lives?

  2. Dienne, you need to calm down…these are just suggestions, we all lead busy lives with kids, pets, etc. but I think we can all find time to adjust our schedules every once in awhile for a more pleasing lifestyle. You seem to have an issue with every article on here…if you don’t like them, stop reading them! Perhaps you should try the suggestions instead of complain about them.

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