5 tips to stop a nosebleed

5 tips to stop a nosebleed

What’s the best way to stop your child’s nose from bleeding?

Dr. Charles Nozicka, pediatric emergency medicine at Advocate Children’s Hospital, offers these steps to make it stop.

  1. Sit up straight and tip your child’s head slightly forward (Don’t tilt the head back)
  2. Use your thumb and forefinger to firmly pinch the soft part of the nose shut
  3. Apply a soft ice pack to nose and cheeks to help constrict the blood vessels
  4. Keep nose pinched for a full 10 minutes
  5. Check to see if nose is still bleeding after 10 – 15 minutes

Dr. Nozicka says it the nose continues to bleed more than 20 minutes with these measures, contact your pediatrician.

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  1. My son had a bloody nose (significant bleeding) for about 45 minutes. I took him into an Advocate facility while his nose was still bleeding (but slowing down), and the doctor acted like I was nuts for bringing him in. In fact, her comment to my son was “You’re wasting your mother’s money, coming in here”. I bought a nose clamp on Amazon for a few bucks because that’s what the school nurse used, and it works well.

  2. Pediatricians Newburgh NY April 2, 2018 at 1:42 pm · Reply

    Thank you for these step by step directions on 5 tips to stop a nosebleed. Great information to keep sharing!

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