#LettersToSurvivors: Honoring their fight and celebrating life

#LettersToSurvivors: Honoring their fight and celebrating life

June is National Cancer Survivor Month and is dedicated to honoring survivors for their fight, inspiring others and celebrating life. We asked friends and family members to share letters, words of encouragement and special messages to the survivors in their lives. Watch their incredibly touching video submissions.

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  1. I am dying of cancer so does that mean I am a loser and not worth celebrating MY fight

    • Mary, I hope you know you are very worthy and you are not a loser. All life is important, precious and valued. I hope you and all of us find the peace we need.

  2. Mary, I pray you get the fullest part of life while you fight, plz know that no matter what you’re a wonderful being in this world! I often feel very alone during my fight, it just made me fight more!! My religion & support system on social media we’re my biggest support, plz know you’re not alone!!
    We love you ?
    I will be praying for you!!
    God Bless ❤

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