5 ways to make your coffee healthier

5 ways to make your coffee healthier

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  1. Disappointed that “drink it straight” was not one of the recommendations. Black coffee, no creamer no sugar or substitutes should be the number one choice if you plan to drink coffee.

  2. How about a dab of Kerrygold butter in black coffee?

  3. I agree with Vione. If I want to drink milk and sugar, I will drink milk and sugar. Everything that I drink, I drink “straight.”

  4. What about 2% milk?

  5. If it is “good” coffee nothing needed to be added.

  6. Only in America whole milk is not a health option, but soy is better.

  7. There is no evidence that drinking 2 quarts of water is good for you; it is just a wifes tale surprised tlhat health practitioners are still recommending it.

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