5 tips to drink more water

5 tips to drink more water

Dr. Mohammed Samee, an internal medicine physician at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, offers advice on how to stay hydrated.

1. Add flavor. If you don’t love water, adding fruit can help improve the taste and lead you to drink more than usual.

2. Get a tracking app. The general recommendation for women is about 91 ounces of water each day and 125 ounces of water for men.

3. Try sparkling water. This is a great alternative to sugary beverages.

4. Eat water-enriched foods. Many foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables, have high water content. Consider cucumber, celery and tomatoes, among many others.

5. Mark up your bottle. Purchase a reusable bottle with measurements on it, or mark your bottle with goals (ex: 9 am, 10 am, etc.) so you’ll know how much you should be drinking and where you should be at throughout the day.

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Rina Jacobs

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