5 ways to boost your body image in minutes

5 ways to boost your body image in minutes

You’ve probably had one of those days where you look in the mirror and turn away. Maybe you feel fat, spotted a new zit or generally aren’t happy with your appearance. Whatever it may be, there’s no reason to let your body image prevent you from having a great day.

According to Dr. Rian Rowles, a psychiatrist at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Ill., these five tips can help boost your body image in minutes.

  1. Take a walk outside.

Often, it’s something in our environment that’s causing negative thoughts. Dr. Rowles says taking a walk outside away from media and other pressures of society is a great way to clear your head and admire the “little things” in life.

  1. Clean your closet.

Is your closet full of clothes that are either too big or too small? Are you holding onto something “just in case” you might decide to wear it again even though you haven’t worn it in two years? Dr. Rowles says cleaning out your closet can help you feel good about the body you have that day, rather than thinking about the body you wish you had. Plus, wearing things you like and are comfortable in will help you to feel confident.

  1. Write a list.

Ten things I like about myself. This might seem funny or hard at first, but you wouldn’t talk poorly about yourself to other people, would you? Think of the things you might tell someone if they asked you to describe yourself to them. What would you say in a job interview? Take a moment to consider your strengths rather than the weaknesses that are getting in your way.

  1. Avoid toxic media.

Dr. Rowles says what you read or watch can impact the way you see yourself. Avoid looking at fashion magazines, gossip media or TV shows that blatantly promote beauty over other elements. If you frequently come across advertisements that are image-focused, try a pop-up blocker or read a good book on public transportation.

  1. Replace a negative thought.

This one is simple. Look in the mirror and take a minute after thinking something negative. Replace that negative thought with a positive thought about yourself. For example, maybe you think you have a big nose, but on the other hand, your hair looks great. If you’re scowling, try smiling. Or, if you’re slumped, try straightening up.

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  1. Exercise works well too! Whether it’s cardio or weightlifting, exercise is as or more effective than antidepressants, without the damaging side effects.

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