These are the favorite holiday treats in Wisconsin and Illinois

These are the favorite holiday treats in Wisconsin and Illinois

A chocolate Santa Claus in the state of Illinois and Andes peppermints in Wisconsin — those are the most preferred treats of residents for the holiday season.

How do we know? Because, a job recruitment firm, studied Google trends to see Christmas treats were most often searched during December of 2019.  The data, compiled for every state in the U.S, shows some interesting results.

Twenty states favor cake, 12 candy and in 10, cookies top the list. Fruit cakes are popular in the Carolinas, nine states searched cheesecakes, with those living in Pennsylvania and Hawaii favoring either gingerbread or oreo ones.

Pudding tops the list in Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee, while only in Idaho do traditional candy canes take top billing. Among the most unique choices—vegan Christmas cookies in Missouri and Skittles in Washington.

“Whatever your choice of treats for the holidays, I suggest moderation,” says Carrie Ek, coordinator of the Pediatric Celiac Center at Advocate Children’s Hospital. “While most of us consume more sugar and calories over the holidays, overdoing it can impact your overall health.”

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