Will a ‘sleepy girl mocktail’ solve your sleep troubles?

Will a ‘sleepy girl mocktail’ solve your sleep troubles?

Watching TikTok videos might be what typically prevents you from getting the recommend seven or more hours of sleep a night. In a twist of events, a new TikTok trend of a ‘sleepy girl mocktail’ is promising the perfect concoction of ingredients to lull you to sleep.

The mocktail, which despite the name can be consumed by anyone, contains pure tart cherry juice, magnesium powder and prebiotic soda/sparkling water. You may wonder if there is any science behind the recipe.

“The trending mocktail’s ingredients of tart cherries and magnesium are known ingredients for preventing insomnia,” says Dr. Yelena Tumashova, a sleep medicine physician at Advocate Health Care. “Insomnia can impact your daily life since the sleep condition causes you to have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and can also cause sleep interruptions.”

Tart cherry juice

This ingredient contains tryptophan which promotes melatonin production, according to the Sleep Foundation. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate your circadian rhythm which controls your sleep-wake cycle.

Magnesium powder

Studies have found that magnesium supplementation can help you fall asleep faster – therefore helping people with insomnia. This ingredient also increases melatonin. “High amounts of magnesium can cause diarrhea, so it’s important to avoid this drink recipe if you struggle with gastrointestinal conditions,” explains Dr. Tumashova.

Other ingredients that can promote sleepiness and combat insomnia include chamomile flower, valerian root, eastern western-daisy and passion fruit flowers, according to Dr. Tumashova.

Besides adding these sleep-inducing ingredients to your bedtime routine, you may want to consider other changes. This might include nightly meditation, avoiding naps throughout the day and limiting caffeine consumption.

If you’re still struggling with sleep and need the help of an expert, schedule an appointment with your primary care provider. Find one in Illinois or Wisconsin.

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