The celebrity skin care treatment to maintain youthfulness

The celebrity skin care treatment to maintain youthfulness

If you have ever wondered how celebrities seem to age backwards, a dermatologist might know their secret: Broadband Light.

The non-invasive laser treatment produces high intensity pulse light across a broad range of wavelengths to target specific skin issues. Plus, it’s a quick and comfortable procedure with minimal downtime.

“The energy delivered by the Broadband Light gets absorbed by its target chromophore (pigment or blood vessels) and destroys it, giving it an even skin tone,” explains Dr. Cynthia Abban, a dermatologist at Advocate Health Care. “The heat produced by Broadband Light also gets absorbed by the skin and its underlying dermis, increasing your skin’s collagen production.”

There are many skin concerns that can be treated with Broadband Light, according to Dr. Abban:

  • Hyperpigmentation or brown spots
  • Freckles
  • Acne inflammation
  • Vascular lesions, such as a broken blood vessel and rosacea
  • Skin tone and texture

If you have skin concerns such as large pores, scars, or fine lines and wrinkles, your dermatologist will likely use a hybrid fractional laser that uses two wavelengths for ablative (removes the outer layer of your skin before heating the underlying skin) and non-ablative (directly targets the underlying skin tissue) benefits. This combination promotes a quick recovery with big results.

“The concept of using a hybrid fractional laser is comparable to the concept of aerating your lawn to promote healthy growth without digging up the entire lawn,” explains Dr. Abban. “The laser will rejuvenate the skin for youthful glow.”

Broadband Light is not suitable if you have a skin infection, are immunocompromised, pregnant or if you have used an oral acne medication called isotretinoin in the last six months.

If you have questions about non-surgical skin rejuvenation or its cost, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist.

Are you trying to find a dermatologist? Look here if you live in Illinois. Look here if you live in Wisconsin.

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