Morning or night: How your shower routine affects your sleep

Morning or night: How your shower routine affects your sleep

You may choose to shower in the morning as an energizing way to start your day. Or you may opt to shower at night as a way to rinse off the day. While it truly comes down to personal preference, some studies suggest that the time of day you shower could impact your sleep.

A Sleep Foundation poll revealed that 41.8% of U.S. adults shower in the morning and 38.4% shower at night. Of those who reported showering in the morning, 80.9% say they feel more awake afterward. Of those who reported showering at night, 53.3% say it helps them fall asleep.

However, studies have found that taking a warm shower a few hours before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster.

“Showering or bathing in warm water stimulates an increase in blood flow to lower your body temperature, promoting sleep,” says Dr. Yelena Tumashova, a sleep medicine physician at Advocate Health Care. “This naturally occurs with or without the warm shower, but it helps speed up the circadian cycle. Warm showers can also help relax your muscles and joints which can sometimes be the reason for sleep troubles.”

Showering at night also displaces you from your phone and TV, both of which can make you more alert due to stress and light exposure.

If you prefer sticking to morning showers, you’ll want to crank down the water temperature since cold water helps increase energy levels. In fact, one study found that cold showers had similar effects to a morning cup of coffee.

Besides a warm shower, Dr. Tumashova says you can set yourself up for a better night of sleep with the following tips:

  • Avoiding electronic devices
  • Following a sleep schedule
  • Practicing mediation
  • Limiting caffeine
  • Minimizing use of your bed for work or leisure
  • Maintaining a dark space

If you struggle with falling or staying asleep, contact your doctor for a personalized recommendation.

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