Beat the heat with these cooling bedtime tips

Beat the heat with these cooling bedtime tips

If your air conditioning is struggling to keep up with the warmer temperatures of summer, you probably have experienced a night where your room is unbearably hot while you try to fall asleep.

The best room temperature for sleeping is 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit, according to The National Sleep Foundation. When your room is warmer, your body must work harder to regulate its core temperature.

“The temperature of your room plays a big role in your sleep quality,” says Dr. Yelena Tumashova, a sleep medicine physician at Advocate Health Care. “A dark, cooler room not only helps you fall asleep faster but allows your body to stay in REM, or deep sleep, for longer periods of time which can help your brain store memories, process emotions and develop.”

If you struggle with insomnia, or the inability to fall or stay asleep, a warm room can make the sleep disorder worse.

Dr. Tumashova suggests the following tips to stay cool at night:
  • Use fans and/or air conditioners to lower the temperature in your bedroom. It’s also helpful to keep your blinds closed throughout the day to help maintain a cool indoor environment.
  • Choose breathable and lightweight bedding. Avoid using a blanket.
  • Consider purchasing mattresses and pillows designed with cooling technology.
  • Wear loose and lightweight pajamas.
  • Take a cool shower or bath before bed or hold a cool, damp washcloth to your skin. An ice pack also works.
  • Hydrate throughout the day. Caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods can dehydrate you, raise your body temperature, and stimulate your nervous system.
  • Avoid exercising close to bedtime.

If you frequently struggle to fall asleep despite the temperature of your room, you should schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor who can refer you to a sleep specialist.

Are you trying to find a doctor? Look here if you live in IllinoisLook here if you live in Wisconsin.

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  1. Thanks for these tips. Here in North Eastern NC, we have been having brutal high temperatures and humidity. These tips help a lot.

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