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Lauren Truelock is a photographer who lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Gary. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. She and her best friend, Sidne Hirsch - the one who bought her the chemo shoes - run a company called Healing Heels, a line of kick ass shoes for women fighting cancer.

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Helping women kick cancer’s butt  Featured
Helping women kick cancer’s butt
After a special gift from a friend helped her through cancer treatment, Lauren Truelock wanted to give back.
14 things cancer taught me 
14 things cancer taught me
Four years after finishing cancer treatment, Lauren Truelock shares what she learned along the way.
In my chemo shoes, I am indestructible 
In my chemo shoes, I am indestructible
Here’s a glimpse into my first chemo treatment and how a special gift from a friend helped me get through it.