No pain, only gain: Try this exercise to manage back pain

No pain, only gain: Try this exercise to manage back pain

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  1. It is a disgrace to put this lengthy, unproven commercial in which a product is for sale purportedly to relieve back pain in what is supposed to be a medically sound publication. I thought I was going to read a scientific article about approaches to relieve back pain. Instead, I wasted my time and lost respect for this newsletter. What were you thinking????

  2. Dear V Wurman. As the saying goes “Don’t knock it unless you try it”. Yoga is not unproven and has helped many people including myself by gentle stretching the muscle. So this is article is helpful if you are will to try non-prescription methods. But some people would rather pop a pill rather than try other things. Which seems to be what you are looking for.

  3. I COULDN’T have said it better myself!! WTH!!


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Amy Levato

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