Colorectal cancer: Deadly, but preventable

Colorectal cancer: Deadly, but preventable

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  1. I’m currently over 50 years of age and have not been able to have a colon exam due to your requirements. I have to work and in order for me to be tested, I have to take a day off just for an unnecessary class explaining what will be done. I have plenty family and friends that have had the procedure therefore I know what to expect and understand what has to be done before. Then I would need to take a day off for the procedure. My question is why is this class mandatory before having the procedure,? Why can’t I just have written directions and an appointment?
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  2. I had a colonoscopy last year & my gastroenterologist didn’t require a pre-visit. My PCP referred me & the GI office called me with instructions. The first time I met the gastroenterologist was in the GI lab. I only had to take 1 day off work for the procedure. Please check with your PCP for help as this is a worthwhile & sometimes life-saving procedure. It can actually prevent cancer by removing polyps. There is incredible value to the procedure & it’s pain free & easy. A win-win.

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