Yoga benefits for moms-to-be

Yoga benefits for moms-to-be

Yoga by definition is a “Hindu philosophy that teaches a person to experience inner peace by controlling the body and mind.”

Many turn to yoga for quiet time, but also as a regular fitness routine. For moms-to-be, many experts recommend the same.

One study found that as little as one yoga session can reduce anxiety and stress in expectant moms by a third.

Colleen Eggers, coordinator of land based programs and certified personal trainer/fitness instructor at the Advocate Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Center in Downers Grove, Ill., says that prenatal yoga can provide women with a host of health benefits.

“Yoga not only relieves tension in the lower back, hips, upper back, chest and shoulders,” she says. “But with the way babies are carried, it can help moms work on balance since they are challenged when carrying more weight in the front.”

She says yoga is also a great way to develop stamina and strength and also to start a close connection with the baby.

“Yoga gives mom an opportunity to slow down and focus, and increase circulation,” she says.

Yoga also boosts mental health, by giving women a sense of community with other women going through the same thing they are and an opportunity to develop friendships, Eggers says.

“It’s a nurturing time for moms, where one or more times a week they can take the time to slow down and get away from the busy day,” she says.

So for moms-to-be if you are thinking of taking up an exercise regime, yoga may be the answer for mind, body and soul.

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